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MS Architecture Journal

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    I found a nice publication browsing MSDN tonight, and I can't believe Pat Helland didn't mention it in his video that is on the home page currently. The publication is called Microsoft Architecture Journal. I must applaud this, it's a high quality journal that is addressing nothing but architecture (specifically MS oriented architecture) The current (2nd) edition focuses on Service Oriented Architecture, which happens to be the topic of the Pat Helland video. You can download it as a 50 page PDF, after registering. Site is

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    Actually, he did mention it in another part of the interview (we usually film an hour and only use a small portion of each interview).

    Yes, the journal is great. Thanks for mentioning it here!

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    Wow, it's really good. I print it out and was reading it on the subway this morning.


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    Coming home from the office two weeks or so ago, I found a hard-copy in my mailbox. No idea how it got there (I live in South Africa), but it rocks Smiley


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