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View Thread: Why is WPF so complicated?
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    Ignoring what other's said (they were right), I don't see the complexity you're complaining about any way.  You traded 7 lines of "code" in 1 file, for 7 lines (not including braces) of "code" in 2 files.  Had to use XML in both examples, so if that's what's complex I don't buy that you've helped any.  I think the 1 file thing speaks in XAML's favor if you're talking complexity.

    For anyone who's done any declaritive programming (including web developers), XAML is not really complex at all.  There's a few minor things to get used to, such as how templates and styles work in XAML, but they are not any more complex than the counterparts we've used for years now, and the added power is astounding.