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View Thread: Why is WPF so complicated?
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    wkempf wrote:
    Ignoring what other's said (they were right), I don't see the complexity you're complaining about any way.  You traded 7 lines of "code" in 1 file, for 7 lines (not including braces) of "code" in 2 files.  Had to use XML in both examples, so if that's what's complex I don't buy that you've helped any.  I think the 1 file thing speaks in XAML's favor if you're talking complexity.

    What's the way XAML does code reuse? such as closing child forms?

    From my understanding it might be the same as me.close()?
    (I haven't read anything on XAML lately) or can it do code reuse for reaction events?

    with JS Events as long as you've declared them you can use them and reuse them....


    function close()

    and then every window that needs to close just uses that