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Anyone else playing Prey?

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    Just to move to lighter subjects Smiley

    I have to admit to a rather child like delight every time I end up walking upside down on the ceiling, heh.

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    I tried the demo. Quite fun game.

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    Yeah, great game! Loved every minute of it. It's a little short and some what easy, but shooting a guy whilst walking up a wall is just great fun!

    I havent tried multiplayer yet because I have been too busy but will soon.

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    I played the demo and loved it.  Will buy the actual game soon.  Can't wait to see what multi-player is like.

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    I played threw the demo. the whole MC Escher style of game levels are fun. but wasnt enough to make me want to buy the game. Smiley

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    jaylittle wrote:
    Another FPS.  Bleh.

    It does get a bit samey. And like Doom, the engine it's built on, the lazy sods seem to think darkness == atmosphere, so you can't see sometimes.

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    completed it in normal mode over 4 days playing in the evenings on my 360....

    good game.....

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