JohnAskew wrote:

jmacdonagh wrote: I'm all for including WinFX into the .NET framework. I really don't think "3.0" is the best name for it though, simple because it will cause problems with C# 3.0 is released. I'd rather call it .NET 2.8 or so.

You need to watch the video on C9 about this.
It is C# 3.0... no core changes to C# .NET 2.0... watch the video?

Yeah I understand that. My comment might have been a little confusing. What I meant was that the .NET Framework 3.0 is still the old 2.0 compilers and CLR with the WinFX libraries. This will cause confusion when C# 3.0 (with LINQ enhancements, etc...) is released (language, compilers, CLR, etc...).