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View Thread: How to convert WMA lossless in batch
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    Hi everyone.

    This may not be the right forum to ask this question, but since there are so many bright people here perhaps someone can help me.

    I've now used the better part of every evening last week to convert my CD collection to WMA in the new lossless format. Thus, I have around 125Gb of music.

    I'm looking for two things.

    1) How should I go about converting this collection to lossy WMA (or MP3) in a batch operation. SDK? Can the Windows Media Player 10 do this? Any microsoft utilities that do this?

    2) I have a small LAN connected box connected to my TV and stereo (in another room than my computer). This is capable of streaming WMA (the old lossy format), MP3 and can connect to WMA streams (ie internet radio and so on). However, the user interface on this device sucks. What I would like to accomplish is to create a streaming service from my computer to this device, ie just locally. Is there a way of doing this with any free microsoft components?

    Any help appreciated.