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View Thread: How to convert WMA lossless in batch
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    Sven Groot

    vzczc wrote:
    1) How should I go about converting this collection to lossy WMA (or MP3) in a batch operation. SDK? Can the Windows Media Player 10 do this? Any microsoft utilities that do this?

    What you need is the Windows Media Encoder. It contains a script to encode files, which can also encode entire directories in one go, for example the following command line:
    cscript.exe wmcmd.vbs –input C:\My-clips –output C:\My-clips-coded

    You can specify all kinds of options, like 1 or 2-pass encoding, (variable) bitrate, sample rate, channels, etc.

    I think the Encoder can also be used to broadcast (stream) audio, but I've never done that so I'm not really sure.