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Media Center album view

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    I'm having trouble with my dad's Media Center. Usually when he goes into My Music and into the Albums section it shows all his albums in a grid with album art. Recently, however, it has been showing up in a text only list. I've looked through all the settings but I can't seem to find it. It seemed to happen after I installed Windows Media Player 11, but uninstalling that didn't help.

    Any suggestions?

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    <mostly off topic>

    when do we get 3d stacks that show depth and fanned overlays in 3d for all this stuff?

     *above shows stacks  25%  50% and 100% (75%  not shown)
     * so... to make the percent work - i guess youd need a right mouse flyout on folder "Stack"   Then any folders in that folder = contents displayed as per what is inside them as % of overall file per folder tally (3d)

    * edit - i know vista had stacks (& baskets?)...then saved searches ... not sure what it is now - hope its like above  (like icons above that show height) click one - the album covers (or thumbnails) flyout in a fan/overlap..  or something. Ive only loaded Vista on laptop - never used "aero" ...ever

    ps - Steve jobs better not be the only steve who's "hidding features" Wink

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    CoverFlow works quite well for plating specific albums, but erm.. OSX. Sorry.  It still isn't as fancy as Jamie's stacks.

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    HumanCompiler wrote:

    ..yes. Smiley  but its not like Windows.
    I just want the windows i know to be all cool (like that..)... but not a poker game UI


    * seems everyone wants to change things - not make them better (thats the way it was and we liked it!) - .  Me - id leave < interuption - Click - "Restart later"> what everyone knows - then blow them away with a new classic - better -a 6 million dollar man classic - luna vista - aero vista... bla bla  (how ID software would do Classic..etc)  but have the old ones too!

    anyway this is all old news
    im going to cottage for 3 days - no internet - recharrrrge

    will take some 9 guys though... and try to get angie to sing a song on video... and footage of mazie...  ahhh!

    *edit sorry for the thread hijack jmacdonagh </end>

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