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My favourite TV-SHOW? Why?

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  • Beetlejuice

    Hello programms! Big Smile

    Last 4 years i watching "The Pretender".
    its about genius (Jarod) who can be everyone he wants to be... he was escape from "Center" and now he fight for truth and justice. He like a big child, he square shooter, and always in a advance.

    "Nash Bridges" - about cops, very good team.

    "The X Files" - a saw it all 3 times... but now i not be delighted.

    What your favourite TV - show and why?

  • Red5

    SpongeBob SquarePants

  • Xaero_​Vincent

    Mine is Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs.

    Becuase there is nothing like cleaning up a neiborhoods backuped sewage in your basement! :O


  • Harlequin

    Star Trek - The Next Generation
    The first 3 seasons were good, but after the fourth it started to get really good, then in the last few seasons you got episodes like "Tapestry" which were wonderfully done.

    Star Trek - DS9
    Not a fan of all of the episodes, but after the short-lived Klingon/Federation war it started to pick up. Once the Dominion War started the show really started to gain speed. The Dominion War started out a bit lame, then that gritty hand-to-hand combat episode in which Nog lost his leg in battle, the show started to get good. And the big space battles of the 6th and 7th season were nicely done.

    BattleStar Galactica
    Best Drama on TV. All you got to say about it. I knew it was going to be extra special when:
    1) The Pegasus arrived and they didn't copy the original series and blow it up when it first arrived. What happens when you put Lloyd Bridges in charge I guess.
    2) They actually did "1 year later" at the end of season 2. You know the show has incredible writers.

    And House, Hell's Kitchen, Holmes on Homes Cool

  • armbrat
  • Yggdrasil

    Simpsons and Family Guy, because they're among the funniest and most intelligent shows ever.

    Two shows I loved but which got a bit dated are Soap and Night Court.

    Lately I've started following Scrubs, which is also great.

    I'm not much of a TV junkie, though. I don't even have one at home, and either see DVDs/downloads or catch something at my parents' once in a while.

  • phreaks

    Red Shoe Diaries on Cinemax?

  • Tom Servo


  • Rotem Kirshenbaum

    Trailer Park Boys


  • alwaysmc2

    The Simpsons - because it's funny
    Futurama - because it's Fururama
    Everybody Loves Raymond - because it's on TBS all the time
    Invader Zim - Because Zim is awsome
    The Pretender (I just remembered about it.  I used to LOVE that show!)
    Myth Busters - because it's interesting to watch

  • Ion Todirel

    Battlestar Galactica, one of the best SF's ever.
    Star Trek: Enterprise, sometimes as good as BG.
    Regenesis, very original show.
    And LOST, of course.
    Sometimes i watch Alias too.

  • Red5

    Tom Servo wrote:

    i almost forgot about that one.  Wish it was still on the air.

  • alwaysmc2

    Beetlejuice, because of you I went out today and bought season 1 of "The Pretender." I remember watching that show and loving it!

    Lost!  I forgot about Lost!  I love that show because it is amazing. Big Smile

  • Angus

    I have several favourite programmes in different themes:

    Comedic Entertainment:

    The Simpsons
    Malcolm In The Middle

    Educational Entertainment:

    How It's Made
    How Do They Do It

    General Entertainment:

    Big Brother
    The Money Programme (Sometimes)

    Technology Entertainment:

    The Gadget Show
    Click Online (Sometimes)

    Dramatic Entertainment:


    These are in no way in a logical order (disregarding the sorting by genre). I am sure that I have missed several programmes from this list.

    Angus Higgins

  • PerfectPhase

    Just a few over the years would be:

    Family Guy
    Babylon 5
    Green Wing
    The I.T. Crowd
    Space 1999
    Broken News
    Blake's 7
    Dragonball Z

  • System

    I have so many, its hard to choose. Here is a small selection of my favourites over the past couple of years.

    Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis
    The Sopranos
    Prison Break
    Boston Legal
    The Shield
    The Unit

    I think thats about it. Lists like this show me how much time I spend watching TV!

  • Cybermagell​an

    Country Fried Videos
    Blue Collar Comedy Tour

  • smadavid

    I can't believe no one's mentioned one of the best comedies in recent memory (and my all-time favorite show) --

    Arrested Development.  This is a comedy with exceptional writing, where you can watch an episode repeatedly and find something new every time.  Even though it only lasted for three abbreviated seasons, every episode was exceptional.  The cast was brilliant, and made even the small things -- reaction shots, dramatic pauses -- laugh-out-loud funny.  Its been said that the downfall of the show was that the Bluths came off as cold and unlikable, but once you get to know them, you'll find the exact opposite is true.  This is dry, off-the-wall, quirky humor at its finest.

    Runners up:

    Curb your Enthusiasm
    The Office (US)
    Boston Legal

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