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View Thread: New Channel 9: Any screenshots for us?
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    Nope, sorry...nothing yet.

    I am in the middle of doing a major cleanup of the on10 code base though in preparations for the new Channel 9 (that will run off of it).  Once completed (later next week), 90% of the rest of the work will be in the web project itself (basically making the new UI).

    Charles interviewed Adam, Duncan, Sampy and myself a couple weeks ago about the architecture of our new code base.  We'll be putting it up soon hopefully so you can hear a bit about what we're building for on10 and the new Channel 9.

    We're also hoping for that to be the kick off of many videos from the dev team.  What we're planning on doing is having a new, short video (maybe 15-30 minutes) every week as we're building the new Channel 9 so you guys can see it progress, our process (or lack there of) for building it and maybe even see some of your suggestions come to life.

    What do you think?  Would you all be interested in that?