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View Thread: It looks like Microsoft Really, Truely thinks that Vista is secure.
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    ChrisA wrote:
    DoomBringer wrote:
    ChrisA wrote:I think Microsoft is trying more than what people are giving them credit for.  I have played with viruses I have found on the net and to infect Vi$ta. UAC while annoying does as it should.  Which is warn the user and ask for credentials.  It would be just as easy to infect any Linux distro with a virus as users use the su command to achieve temporary root status.  Im sure once Vi$ta is released virus writers will get more creative and I doubt Windows can ever be as secure as Linux and Macintosh but Microsoft is doing good work and it appears as though they are starting to care more about user experience and its about time.  I do think the plan was to lessen the impact of what viruses can do and if thats the case MS has achieved that.

    Dude, Apple has had to fix MORE security vulnerabilities in the past year than Microsoft has.

    Has Apple had any mass worm or Malware outbreaks that have brought the OS to its knees?

    It's kind of hard to have a massive outbreak when you are only 2-3% of the market. And I havn't had Windows been taken to it's knees from a virus on XP. Before SP2 I used to get annoying viruses that would make things slower but since then I havn't gotten any viruses at all (Not that I will deny people not quite as counsous as me will get viruses, but taken the OS to it's knees? I doubt it).