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View Thread: London Niners - Meet and Greet Tonight
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    Charles wrote:
    How does tonight work for London Niners to have a few drinks, chat and even get on camera? I am located in the business district - The Great Eastern Hotel. There are a few cool places nearby and even a nice pub at the hotel. What works best for everyone? What time? Is tonight a good time? I am off to do some sight seeing in the rain but will check back here when I return.

    Looking forward to meeting you! I will have my video camera so be prepared for interviews (probably best to do before the drinking begins) 


    PS: send mail and we can exchane cell numbers. For those who have already mailed me, thanks! You will be hearing from me this afternoon.

    I think it's pretty cool how niners often get the oppurtunity to meet Microsoft employees in places like a pub or tech fair. I think very few companies do anything like this if any. Smiley