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    Larsenal wrote:

    Frankly, when I consider the suffering and poverty in this world, my ambitions of mastering C# delegates, agile programming methodologies and Vista internals feel very hollow.

    I have felt this same way at times. Even depresed.  I felt i should be doing something ells with my time and talents, and I thought that what ever i was to do would have to be done on a grandeos scale. This made me even more depressed becouse i felt helpless and small in comparison to all the areas of the world i see that needs help.
    I had to look at things differently to get out of my slump. Your programing skills though they may seem isolated in thier scope of influence play an important part in a bigger picture. Your working helps the economy that can help fund other struggling economys. The program you write might help the person who is offering humanitarian aid on the front lines. You just dont know exactly what influance one plays in the grand sceam of things.

    I make computer games, I enjoy making the computer games and its a good fit for me but some where deep down i wish i had had the schooling and skills to be a doctore or some one really important.

    I like to think that its just as important if not more so to first be able to make a positive contribution on a small scale than it is to make an impact on a grand scale. I have a doughter and a wonderful wife and i think if i can first suport them in making thier life fullfilling, I can then think about moving to a slightly larger sphear of influence. But if i cant first sufficiantly suply the requirments needed right around my life then it is pointless to try and make a difference some were far away when i have failed at home.

    ok so the point is, you have programing skills that others in the world dont. use them for good and they will touch others lives. [A]