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A small Xmas present from C9...

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    after spending days and weeks browsing the moblog, i wonder if it's possible for Channel 9 guys to post a photo of server which hosts this wonderful website!....
    Just for fun, instead of seeing black colored Dell computers....

    It's not christmas but it's better to ask early no?
    I'd be very grateful it it was possible to do such stupid thing...

    have phun it's friday!!!

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    Jeremy W

    I used to think MS ran mostly Dell's, but every tour I see with servers in it is filled with the ugly white beasts of Compaq / HP (though the rails are very, very nice).

    Any way to get a tour of one of the datacentres guys? Wink ... riiiight...

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    Regarding the Christmas present, why don't you give us a one year subcription to MSDN to all channel 9 members? Come on guys... and why not a Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer interview?  Wink

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    or at least all the people on the first five pages of "tell us who you are" thread Wink

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    Be thankful we got Channel9 guys. All in good time. ;P

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    still - you think that that would be something theyd want to do..

    "hey _channel_9_poster_name_here

    its _channel_9_team_member_

    We've enjoyed alot of your posts. If you dont have a free msdn subscription - here ya go


    i think that would be great

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    I have never seen the servers, they are at our hosting partner's site and they are shared across a Web farm so there is no one server that hosts Channel 9.  It is balanced across 3 nodes.  I guess we have our own SQL server and could take a pic of that Wink

    As far as random acts of kindness go ... I love the idea and we have done these things for posters already on occasion.  We will do more in the future.

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    lenn wrote:
    I guess we have our own SQL server and could take a pic of that Wink

    [Drool] YAY!

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