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littleguru wrote: I hate those kinds of acronyms... I don't know what people drives to create such acronyms. Do they think they look smarter then?

Well, I didn't think I looked smarter.  I was on the tail end of a rather grueling 18 hour workday and was feeling a little punchy.  I felt that the FAQ needed something that would end it with a smile.  I'm sorry you didn't like my humor

That's it, I think you crossed the line.  Let's kill Dave!

Eh, its about as funny as any other recursive acronym.
Good blog, BTW.  I added it after I saw the mention on Larry Hyrb's blog.

Haha dudes. Don't take it to serious. I'm just not a big fan of those kind of acronyms. They are so computerish or insider jokes. I have a friend who tended to acronym anything in that way.

After a few months it got weird and heavy... I hope you understand me too peace!

I think that XNA looks great as it is... XNA sounds great and needs no acronyms. I'm looking forward to play with it!

(psst: I say "let's kill dave" because it is his XBL gamertag, and name of his blog)