Manip wrote:
I think your right to an extent. Excluding all other servers -

Web-Applications - IIS (PHP and Perl are too resource intensive)
Static Pages - Apache (More hackable, can reduce the size of the server etc)

Ease of use - IIS

Cluster - Apache

Speed [Static] - Both/Equal

Customizability - Apache

Inter-portability- Apache

As a person who knows that Apache is GPLed let me correct some of them.

Ease of use - IIS (out of the box, but there are also GUI tools for Apache)

Static Pages - What is this for? Speed?

Web-Applications - Apache or IIS (depends on what you use)
-- perl : Apache (with mod_perl)
-- php: Apache (more tested with)
-- .net: IIS
With Apache you can run almost any web app, including .net apps, with IIS you have less choice.

Cluster : nothin what is this for? IIS and Apache can be both clustered

Speed [Static] - IIS (Apache is a joke here)

Customizability - Apache (IIS is a joke here)

Inter-portability- What is this?

Portability: Apache

Addons: Apache (IIS is a joke here)