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View Thread: Buying a student car on a new interest free credit card?
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    Here are some things that I wanted to introduct / reiterate:

    1. Of that $700 montly net income, none of it goes towards rent, food, or utilities. I have already saved up enough for two years worth.

    2. I intend on paying off the entire balance before my introductory period expires.

    3. The minimum monthly payment on a $4000 balance is $160 (calculating at 4%). It goes down from there. It would be very easy to save that up each month, put it aside, and put other extra income towards it as well. When summer begins in May, my income will go from $700 to about $4000 per month. I have already saved up enough for the next school year, so all of that $4000 is expendable.

    4. I disagree with maintenence costs. I used to drive 200 miles + per week during the summer and would only have to fill up every 1.5 weeks. The driving to and from campus would be considerably less that 200 miles per week.

    5. I have a girlfriend who lives on campus. She doesn't care if I have a car or not, but I do like to go over there and back to my apartment every once in a while.

    6. Some of my work shifts could end as late as 3 in the morning. Walking back might not be so fun.

    7. I see that some of you are from Europe. I've lived in the UK and I know how easy it is to walk everywhere. In the US, most cities are not designed for walking. To get to campus, I have to cross a 5 lane highway with a light that's really out of the way.

    So I guess my question has become, do credit card companies have stipulations against doing something like this? Would they be angry that I would only put on one or two charges on the card and pay them off before the period ends?