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Chrysanthakopoulos is a Rockstar to me

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    George Chrysanthakopoulos ( has become my personal hero. When he talks, I feel like lifted to a more clear and beautiful universe. He captures my imagination and lets me dream of future apps and speed-improvements, more robust code, writing games-engines in managed C#2.0-Code...uhm, ok, maybe not. But he has a gift to explain things in such a clarity and with passion that makes him very special. The world needs more people like him.

    If he got a rise in salary since the last demo, DOUBLE IT again, please.

    (please excuse me, it sounds infantile, but I had to say this. I had wasted too many years with bad teachers in my adolescence)

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    hehe you should read Rory's blog...

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    My fav to listen to is Bill Hill Smiley

    I still wish they would redo the video for the walk through campus vid. It's one of the best, but the video sucks and the audio is aweful.

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