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Microsoft Product Naming... AGAIN  (groan)

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    I just heard that Microsoft's marketing geniuses have decided that "Atlas" is to be renamed "Windows Live Sh1t-on-a-Stick" or something similar...

    Please just kill me. Or better yet them.

    Seriously, MS marketing wan.kers are destroying any chance MS will ever have of appearing anything other than clueless and BORING to the broader community of human beings on the planet Earth.

    Leave "Atlas" alone. It is a perfectly good name. It has caught on with devs, it is short and catchy and easy to remember.  Screw your dumb naming strategy and try to learn something from the Open Source community. Short and snappy does it best.

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    ChrisA wrote:
    Thats why I choose Linux.  I use SUSE on my PC's I just switched my Macs over to Ubuntu and I dont have to deal with Microsofts stuff.  Oh by the way, no activation required.  Linux has awesome naming, Microsoft is cheesey. 

    Yes Chris... because Linux doesn't have any bad names.

    Example... who in their right mind calls a DHCP client 'pump'?

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    Hey Chris.

    Well as it happens I do most of my computing on a Mac (Windows is an astonishingly ugly product) , but I develop in ASP.NET (as well as Rails) and I do try to appreciate the good in Microsoft (and I believe they have a lot of good to offer). They just keep screwing up on dumb things including the assinine product names. They seem to think that it is still 1991 or something. I feel plain embarrassed for the good people at Microsoft (the engineers).


    Over on Ars Technica I just saw a great suggestion for the new name...

    Web Technology Framework


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    In my experience, when I started to develope Mac app, their Cocoa, Carbon, etc makes me toooo hesitate to translate what it is.

    For me, in this reason, MS naming is more informative by its own name.:O

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    they probably cant use just "atlas"

    microsoft atlas = potential lawsuit

    ms live atlas does sound bad

    its like atlas - deflated.

    edit:  stop with the cool code names!  there done. Smiley

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    Microsoft's new downloadable blogging app beta:   1xf6y !

    there.  now whatever its called will be better than that!  Wink

    edit:  i think the key to brand is to take something like imac - and make it ipod, itunes i yi yi yi

    so MS...

    Xbox ...  do the math


    (x too negative?  try "Me" scenarios - or My using history - do i know? NO! Smiley)

    *edit x-windows haha

    edit 2:  X box  Y ____  Z une   ?

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    Chris, nice to see you brought your friends from your local LUG.

    I agree Atlas is a good name, but it's not descriptive as far as for new users breaking into the technology. I think lilguru had something good...

    Windows Web Synchronization Technology

    or something like that.

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    *should work well with Website and Website Pro ? Smiley

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