After watching your video, I got very curious on one aspect in particular. You mentioned every record is now an "entry", i.e. video, podcast, post etc.

That would mean you have entries reside in a big table, with tags used for context. I have a couple of questions:

  1. How does this play on perfomance, especially with search, indexing? I have always assumed you can get better querying performance, if you separate the content into respective tables.
  2. Can you post a grobe sketch on the DB model for such an implementation?

I have always separated the content, i.e. forums table, download files table, etc. for added efficiency. But now I wonder if that makes any difference with a modern DBMS. I'm inclined to switch to your approach (i.e. if its not patented methodology Smiley) and would like to know more about the technical pros/cons.

EvNet Dev Team ... any thoughts please?

Many thanks.