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Submit button not fired and Table object disappears

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    Hi Friends,
       I have some doubts in ASP.NET related to <asp:table> Object

       My requirement is as follows:
     If you press the enter button after entering the data in a text box, the Table object dissappears. I want to submit data when button presssed.

       My page designed in the following manner:

       In .aspx page, I placed following controls.

    <asp:table id="ParamTable" Height="50px" Width="200px" Runat="server">
      <asp:TableCell Width="100"></asp:TableCell>
    <asp:button id="btnSubmit" runat="server" Text="Submit" CssClass="button"></asp:button>

    Now in page Load, under "Not Page.IsPostBack", I dynamically add controls to the Table object (ParamTable).

    When I added more than one control (mostly are textbox objects) to Table object and enter data in any one control and press enter, the data was submitted.

    But if only one control (textbox control) is added to Table object and enter data and press enter, the Submit button is not fired and also table object is disappeared.

    Note: The same code works fine for Netscape, but fails in IE.



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