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Whats With The Time!

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    I have waited long enough to ask. What is so wrong with the time. Is this server 1/2 way accross the world or what? Its so hard to keep track of when things are written or replied to when the time is way off. This has probably been asked before, but with no search features, its hard to find it.

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    Bryn Waibel

    It has been asked before. Fortunately, this time I was able to spend a little time debugging it. This post which I knew was posted sometime around 7:16 this morning (I'm in Redmond, PDT is UTC -8:00) was showing up as having been posted at 6:15PM, and I had always expected the times to be UTC times, so I've been a little confused by the times myself.

    This time, it clicked. When we tested the site (I use the term loosely) our SQL servers were located here in Redmond and all of the times, well, all of the ones we thought to look at that is, displayed in the "correct" UTC time. Now that our SQL server is hosted on the East coast, we need to change the timezone offset of the Forums 2.0 site to reflect the new server location.

    Fixed!... Well, sort of. Nobody likes UTC unless they're actually in the UTC timezone. UTC is a datum for storage, not a display format. Fix number two was to add a timezone selector back into the edit profile page. If you hit that little profile link up at the top, you should be able to select the correct timezone now and see some more pleasing dates sitewide.

    Let me know if there's anywhere that we're not using the static formatter to display the correct time.

    Am I the only one who sings to himself "it's time to get ill" when he reads the subject of this post?

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    Thanks Bryn, seems to work fine. I'm seeing which threads have new posts a whole lot quicker now Smiley

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    Also you will want to go into your profile and set your time zone using the new drop down under What about you?

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    You guys are good.... Thanks!

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