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    sproutpunx wrote:
    Now you've got to ask yourself why would you even consider sucking on a cancer stick? There is no benefit whatsoever! Smokers I have talked to tell me it makes them feel better, but if they had never tried it in the first place their body wouldn't crave the nicotine! Seriously now, think about what you're doing to yourself next time you pick up a cigarette, think about exactly what your lungs must be looking like, and instead just go to the gym!

    Sorry if this seems a little ranty, but i have lost someone from smoking.


    Well, I wish it were that easy. Basically its almost a panic feeling. You tell us if we had never tried we wouldn't need it. True but with you never having been addicted you have no idea what the addiction is like. It's relapse rate is the same or greater than heroine. So don't tell me to just go to the gym.

    Some people, it's easy to quit. Others it's not. It varies for each person. Easiest way to quit? Kill the tobacco industry and make them less easy to get.