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VB.Net vs C#.Net

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    selyafi wrote:
    Just go on learning C#, nothing difficult and it's quiet simple.  

    I used to be a VB programmer and when .Net came along I embraced C#. I don't do any VB programming anymore. C# just makes more sense to me now and I can do more with less.

    Flames sure to follow...

    PS - I think VB.Net has come a long way and is still a great language.

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    The thing that I like about most of the replies on this thread is that people are picking languages based on what they like and how they think.

    Me? I love VB. I like the syntax, I like the IDE and I like that it has all the power (minus unsafe code that is, but who needs that Smiley) of and every other .Net language. That's one of the things I love about .Net: we all get to use the language that makes sense to us yet we can all interoperate and we all get the same power from the platform.

    This is true even here inside Microsoft. We use C#, VB, and C++ inside Visual Studio and everything works together thanks to .Net (and COM).

    Man I love this platform.

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    Sampy, you really should make it clear what your talking about. VB != Calling BASIC anything is an insult. VB, is versions 1~6.

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    Jeremy W

    Maybe inside MS VB6 development has ceased, hence the ability to just say VB instead of VB.NET.

    Plus, the ".NET" is going to soon be dropped from all of the MS products. Consumers get it. Everyone knows Visual Studio 2005 (or whatever) is a .NET-enabling IDE, everyone knows C# is C#.NET, ditto with J#, VB, etc.

    That's my understanding anyways Wink

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    [joke] Well, you know why they chose .Net right? They wanted to disassociate themselves from all the failed .COMs that ran DNA *rimshot*... sorry, I couldn't resist.

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    Well, although I used to be a VB6 programmer (currently unemployed), I've been concentrating on learning C# because that's where I see all the jobs are.  If a business needs me to do VB.NET, my knowledge of the CLR and VB6 will carry me through, but for now I'm sticking with C#.


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    If you have no cumbersome history of programming and no fat suit boss telling you what to do, go with C#.....and don't look back!

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    I like Visual Basic 6 Code...It was the most pretties code...
    C# is terrible code...but C# has POWER! VB.NET I like t00 :o)

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