I downloaded it in around 45 minutes at 1.10MB/s the whole way Big Smile
Burned to DVD and installed on my media center box (that I use every single day for watching tv and scheduled recordings).

One thing I've noticed from Beta 2 is that the boot time has improved from 45 seconds to 35 seconds on my P4 3GHz/512MB/128MB Nvidia FX5200/120GB IDE.

Another is that media center actually runs now! If you tried it in beta 2 (at least for me) I couldn't stably even play an mp3 file. Now TV works just perfect with the latest nvidia beta driver + purevideo decoder. So does DVD playback and music.

The new interface on MCE I love, when watching TV most of the on screen display shows up over the tv with transparacy, very nice Tongue Out

And when you use the up/down buttons you can scroll through the channels with a short description of what's on air.

Unfortunately there's pretty much nothing else ever used on this box so I've not had a chance to test it out for much else yet but for the media center 2005 user that doesn't use anything else it's ready to upgrade Cool