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Why isn't Microsoft One Note an online AJAX application?

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    I love and use One Note every day. It's crucial to my college experiance.

    But lately I've been wondering, Google purchased writely, hello google released google notebook recently, why doesn't MS combine these two concepts: a rich text editor, and a clipping extension for firefox or some sort of extension for IE and make this:

    Windows Live Notebook

    Or something similar in concept.

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    Interesting, I'd never bothered to check out Google Notebook until I read your post. When you compared it with OneNote it piqued my interest, but I must say that it's like an online version of the Office clipboard.

    Some observations:
    OneNote is about a bajillion times richer than Google Notebook.

    Do you use OneNote on a tablet pc? The inking features would be extremely difficult to duplicate in web application.

    I can't think where I would find this useful. If I need to write myself a note that I can get at from the internet, I generally put a note in outlook/exchange and I can get to it with OWA.

    I guess it would be useful to do like it says in their FAQ for research or something.

    I'm not a privacy freak by any means, but Google's quest to control all of my information is getting creepy.

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    DevilsRejection wrote:
    Windows Live Notebook

    Or something similar in concept.

    I think I can hear the MS Trademark lawyers scrabbling for their phones already!
    What a great idea.

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    kettch wrote:

    Do you use OneNote on a tablet pc? The inking features would be extremely difficult to duplicate in web application.

    Maybe not.  After all you can use ink on channel 9.

    My only suggestion is that they have the online version and one note sync.  As only some of my classes have wifi access.

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    kettch wrote:
    I'm not a privacy freak by any means, but Google's quest to control all of my information is getting creepy.

    Not to off track the post, but I totally agree.

    How do everyone find OneNote? who uses it? I went to a .net user group in Sydney and someone suggested using it, it looked pretty cool i have to say, I love scribbling, but I also like flipping pages, so i still do all my scribbling on paper inside my binder.

    I am however looking for an electronic replacement for the binder, thinking of buying a tablet instead of a notebook. Any suggestions?

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    zhuo wrote:
    How do everyone find OneNote? who uses it?

    I like it and use it to keep engineering notes. Most of my OneNote usage isn't even on a Tablet PC.

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    I use Onenote ( beta 2007 ) a lot from day to day. It's a perfect application!

    All my school notes are inside onenote.
    While I sometimes have some fights with it, because it doesn't always understand my brain. But most of the time it works oke enough.

    I would not use an online variant of onenote.

    What happends when I am in a room with no wireless?
    How good will the audio recording be on an online onenote?
    How large files am I able to quickly paste into onenote?

    The application just always need to work, just like paper. To archive this in an online envoirment just sounds way more difficult.

    Things like the task list intergration with outlook, which I like a LOT! Might be possible, but search, quicly access audio/video or other files is needs a faster connection than availible.

    And why should they put massive power machines to host the application, while most tablet's/laptops are not short in power.

    I use onenote both in class in "tablet/pen mode" and to take notes from the study books/material by keyboard. The intergration with outlook is just so cool, I can get my to do list in the morning and it auto synchronized with onenote! Click task done, and it synchronized in both!

    Being able to work with a group of people on one page with all there own laptop/keyboard is also great for group fights/work Smiley

    The full screen writing button in onenote 2007 is also great, just gets away all the crap quicly and makes space. While it is back again with a click.

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    I'm not the power user of OneNote that some are, but I love the product.  In fact it's one of those that are keeping me from moving over to Linux full time on the deskopt.  I can't find a similar product that I like.  Great job team and don't move it online.  Make it better

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    Hmm... Windows Live Notebook... Personally I Like LiveNote, but that’s just me.

    I do think that it should just be a place to quickly look at the notes you have made online when you’re not at your pc.  You cannot recreate OneNote in the browser.  OneNote Rocks!


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    Good to see I'm not the only one who has much love for the OneNote.

    I showed it to my wife when she was in grad school and she used it all the time for research and school work. Too bad she doesn't have it where she works now.

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    Matt8109 wrote:
    Maybe not.  After all you can use ink on channel 9.

    Ink is one thing, you can do that in Flash. Now keeping the data on each of the strokes, that's another thing.

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    I downloaded a OneNote demo a while back and I dunno, it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. I've thought a great deal about turning my recent Sandbox app into a serious OneNote competitor. I know, I dream big. lol

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    Just wondering. What would be the point of such a thing?  I mean why would I want to be bound to a slow inet connection and not be able to do anything offline?  Some apps just work a lot better as smart client apps.

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    I really wish there was a way that I could just go to a website and type some stuff in a text box, which would then be saved as a loose page in my OneNote notebook.

    Currently, the only things I use my Gmail account for are web-registrations and notetaking. I often create a new message, type some stuff in the body, and save it as a draft. Then when I'm back home, I open Gmail again, look at the saved draft, and copy/paste the message body into a OneNote note. I want that last step to happen automatically. Just save it to the loose pages or whatever it's called in English so that I can put it in the right notebook/tab later.

    In fact... *brainwave for a WHS add-in*

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    I use RoamDrive which does the same thing. I can upload a file into a draught (as attachment) and access it anywhere in the world. Unfortunatly i cant do this using Hotmail (my primary email) as you cannot keep the attachment when saving as draught.

    I find it invaluable.. Im hoping to get a Tablet soon - OneNotes looking good!

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    Michael Griffiths

    I'd like a better, more "paper-like" way of navigating pages in OneNote.

    Anyone remember that innovative model of a 3D desktop where you'd push aroud icons? Called Bumptop? I'd like something similar: a form of navigation based on the arrangement of thumbnail representations of pages and sections, where I can "group" some together... then sort, filter, manipulate, etc. Everything I can do with paper.

    At the moment, I find using OneNote strange compared to having paper notes. It's not a wholly pleasent experience.

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    Been thinking exactly that ...

    I dont think its possible to do it properly with AJAX - it would be a huge amount of work  withotu lots of slow postbacks, look at the really simple Ajax mail apps and how much they cost to write  . However it could be done easily with Silverlight and if you want to avoid synch you use Windows Live Synch ... Would take a while to appear on the server  but  meh....

    Michael , you can group , filter and manipulate pages with OneNote.. I would like some sticky feature with one note so it apears ontop. 

    Be great for Schools , projects , family etc

    Tempting to write it.. Maybe an issue with paste ..

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    I'm surprised that no-one mentioned the utterly fantastic Evernote

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