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WMP11 beta2 UI bug

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    this was also present in the beta1, it happens (to me) when i/you/... restore the player, maximizing, minimizing(toolbar mode is not afected by this), resizing, etc does not fix the abnormal button behaviour, only a restart of the player.

    it looks as it doesn't detect the rollout event.

    one funny thing, don't know the technical name for these groups:

    stop | prev | play | next [bottom middle]

    full screen | compact mode [bottom right]

    but the active button is the last hovered in those groups, only full screen or compact remain in hovered state after cursor rollout, never the both.

    humm, is this the right place for this? i couldn't find the windows media player team blog and read in other threads ppl complaining about the same.

    also, don't know if someone from the team will read this or not but, how about adding winamp-like queue system for the playlist?

    imagine a big playlist, playing track1, and you want the next played item to be track 200 followed by track 250 and then continue to track 2.

    handy but no big deal.

    and another one, there's a flaw in the UI, it doesn't draw as expected when you alter the default border size, i'm using a value of 5px and this is the result when maximized:

    the title bar gets cut of, same for the left border.

    how about rendering the frame like the Vista version instead of the skinned UI? it would lose the consistency with those Luna themes but...


    os: win xp tablet 2005
    wmp11 beta2

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    The entire WMP11 UI is buggy. Try to use it without touching the mouse. I hope they fix it really soon.

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    I've tried to let someone know about this before, and I received an e-mail back that I had to go through the OEM for support. It looked like a standard form letter. When the beta 2 came out I downloaded any tried it out, but there is still the same problem. But this time I left a message in the newsgroup.

    So I guess I'm not the only one who is botherd by this bug?

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    Sven Groot

    TommyCarlier wrote:
    The entire WMP11 UI is buggy. Try to use it without touching the mouse. I hope they fix it really soon.

    Seems they already have. I can use it with the keyboard just fine in Vista RC1.

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    I love the new look of WMP 11, however beta 2 isn't working for me at all under XP Sp2, it keeps giving me errors when i try and add my 7000 file music collection.

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    Deactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

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    I'm sure others would have seen this bug before because you only see it with dual monitors.

    The window hangs over 2 pixels either side when maximised. So I can see 2 pixels of black on my second monitor when WMP is maximised.

    I just took a screenshot and the window size is 1284x998.

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