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MediaCenter in Pre-RC1

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    Just wondering if anyone else is suffering from major lag in MediaCenter?  It will work perfectly as I navigate through my pitures and videos, then it will just hang solid for 30 seconds or so.

    Also on my nag list are that MC seems to have lost the ability to play the contents of a VIDEO_TS on the hard disk. 

    And if anyone is listening it would be nice to have the ability to add video files the the now playing queue rather than just audio files.

    For comparision this machine has Pre-RC1 + PowerDVD7 +Xvid 1.1 (Xvid 1.2 has major sync issues in MC).


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    Yea for me it is totally useless, no card detected, the NIC goes up and down every 10 seconds.

    Even when I got into media center, it had no TV card support for my model, now I can't even get XP media center in due to sparrow.sys errors on install, so tomorrow i take it all apart to install windows!

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    amd_duron wrote:
    Yea for me it is totally useless, no card detected, the NIC goes up and down every 10 seconds.

    Had the NIC going offline happen to me a couple of times too while in meadia center.  Bit of work to do yet Sad 

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    My MC seems to work fine, right up until you try to pause any pauses and appears to resume fine. However, it just repeats what's in the audio buffer and doesn't play the right audio. Reminds me of trying to set up DOS games in Win95 Big Smile
    The card in question is a Pinnacle Systems PCTV 200e.

    My other major gripe with this version of the MC, is that I cannot click into the TV guide straight from the main menu. I have to fumble with the mouse to click the right arrow (or use the keyboard) then click GUIDE to move it into focus and activate it. Phew! If I try to click GUIDE straight off, nothing happens Sad
    Overall, though, it's way better than the MC in Beta 2, which was very slow for me.

    I do have laggy network browsing problems, but thats another story...

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