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Purchasing Convertible Tablet/Laptop...any suggestions?

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    So far i've looked at the:
    Gateway Convertible Notebook

    and the:
    Toshiba Protege

    Fujitsu Lifebook

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    Tecra M4 = best damned tabletPC available. Why? Because it's a fully-featured and beefy laptop (you won't find another TPC with a GeForce Go 6600 inside) and with a Wacom digitizer.

    The only issue is with lacking build quality in the display hinge (goes loose after about 2 months) otherwise FTW.

    ...but since the M4 is now discontintued, the M7 looks good, and whilst it's got higher-specs, its screen is smaller (and now widescreen) and GPU changed from a GeForce Go to an entry-level nVidia Quadro NVS 110M (equivalent to a GeForce Go 7200, half the power of the 6600)

    The gateway look good though.

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    I'd check out the ASUS R1. It has a 1280x800 resolution Smiley
    It was just recently announced, so you might have to wait a bit.

    I know I want one of those Smiley

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    I own a acer c302 tablet for about 2 years now, would buy another brand/model if I needed to buy a new one today.

    The tablet is ok, but it just too heavy to cary around on one arm for more than 15 minutes.

    Not had any problems with the hardware yet, only needed to remove all the acer applications from the preload and convert fat32 to ntfs. But I assume most laptops/tablets come with a lot of crap these days.

    My second pick back then was the toshiba, but it costed more than the acer and was a 12" model if I remember correct.

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    All tablets with 1024x768 screens sucs.

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    I have a Toshiba Portege M200, which I can heartily recommend. If they're still made, that is Big Smile

    It's a lovely, lightweight device designed for tablet use (no CD drive, or fancy graphics). My purchasing ethic is that laptops are for work/surfing/email/chat/channel9/etc and if you want games & super performance, it's far better to get a seperate desktop for those.

    As for the screen, accept nothing other than 1400x1050. When I see a 1024x768 screen in a laptop these days, I wonder if it came from the Early Learning Centre. (Apologies to anyone who might have one:))

    What exactly are you looking for? A machine for study/productivity use, or one for pretty much all tasks?

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    Good advice, I am looking for a Tablet as well, funny thing the major electronics retailers here in Sydney don't seem to sell Tablets. What the??? I want to try them out before I buy it.

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    zhuo wrote:
    Good advice, I am looking for a Tablet as well, funny thing the major electronics retailers here in Sydney don't seem to sell Tablets. What the??? I want to try them out before I buy it.

    Speak to TegaTech's Hugo Ortega. Tell him Long referred you there.

    He does all kinds of Tablet PCs, not only the ones listed on his website.

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    I was after a tablet... until I discovered the Dell XPSM1210... wow its hot, I got the 2ghz with 2g ram... looking forward to the 2g sticks coming down so I can up it to 4 just for the hell of it but boy! its blazing fast! The graphics on the Go7400 are almost as good as my 7900GTX! Vista im sure, would look the shizzle. If you dont need a tablet but like the portability of an ultra portable I could highly reccommend the 1210

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    I am absolutely in love with my Toshiba R25.
    Had it for about a month now, and I can't imagine life without a tablet. This one performs very well, runs cool (rare for a tablet), and has great resolution.

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    I bought a Gateway tablet back in May, and I posted a short review here:

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