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View Thread: Contacts, calendar, and e-mail - why can't they be connected?
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    So I've just installed RC1 of Vista and I'm at a crossroads. Where do I keep my personal information? I have the option of keeping it in Outlook (2007), Windows, or Windows Live Mail. They're all Microsoft products, but none of them work together.

    1. Contacts. Outlook has it's address book, Vista has it's Contacts folder which holds VCards, and Windows Live Mail has it's own area for contacts. Messenger integrates with Windows Live Mail's contact set.

    2. Calendar. Outlook has it's own one, Windows Calendar allows me to create them, and Windows Live Mail has it's own calendar (which you can't sync anymore... yay).

    3. E-mail. Luckily I can use IMAP for most of my e-mail accounts. Except Windows Live Mail. I can either hit the website or I can do it in outlook. Windows Mail does not support HTTP e-mail accounts.

    Anyway, here's my rant. I'm using 3 Microsoft products / technologies. Why aren't they helping me keep everything in sync?