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    yui wrote:
    blowdart wrote:
    Rossj wrote: Wasn't someone looking for these the other day? Either blowdart of w3bbo ...

    It was me.

    And it doesn't cover my machine, an M60; which is only 8 months old.

    Tosh are awful when it comes to releasing divers; and for their "consumer" machines they suck even more.

    And witch one make drivers for vista Dell/HP/Acer/FS? I`m curious.

    Actually Toshiba have been better than most - Dell and HP have both been remarkably worse! If you'd done your homework, you would have realised many of the hardware componants are identical for M400 and the M60 - heck, I'm using a few of those drivers on the P100!

    Btwn the suitable drivers found on that site and the xp drivers suplied of toshiba's UK site, am now only needing the OEM nVidia driver for the geForce 7300 (or 7600 - gone a blank) - am using the official release (version with the modified .ini file found at, but am still suffering irregular bluescreens and pixel bleeding due to probs with on of the driver files (nvlddmkm.sys) - which is strange as I'm using the same driver build on my desktop without issue on the 6600 card.

    Mkaes you wonder what mods Toshiba apply to their OEM versions and when they'll make one available - I'm sure they are testing for their own purposes!