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View Thread: More Vista Review -- Two weeks In
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    Rossj wrote:
    John Galt wrote:
    MS: You're free to call me if you'd like to really fix your security instead of this disasterous mess you've created.

    Are you actually going to write the code, or watch whilst someone else kills app compat (more than it already is)?

    I think he wants to direct the programmer group making those security features.

    Number one change I would told to be made is that Vista would utilialize UNIX filesystem stylish rights for files. And when user will be installing application he/she has to choose whenever to install 'System Folder' of applications or 'Personal folder' of applications.
    If chosen 'System folder' then it would ask password for Administrator class user. When application is installed whatever way it will appear on system installed applications for Administrator. User who has installed programs into his  own account will see only applications he/she has installed.

    This would also make normal user creating a folder and stuff in root of C: impossible. It's real hedache in schools people installing mirc and quake into c: or d: or e: or sharing the folder into net.