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Why do I even bother

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    Man o man, you guys at MS just like to tick me off dont ya?  Is it me or what?  first you charge for chat, now you charge for accessing a free mail account through WebDav.  Then you complain when people drop your product.   You are starting to take away everything good i say about Microsoft.  i used to use Hotmail specifically because I cant stand web interfaced mail and it was accessible through outlook express.  the web interface for hotmail is ugly, clunky and it doesnt work half the time.  I might as well cancel it.

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    rjdohnert, it sounds like you need a GMail account.
    MS are pretty bad at keeping customers happy. They have such a huge chunk of the market, which makes them think they can just do what ever they want. Or otherwise said as "Take, take take".
    I think Iam going to begin coding my own OS, with my own programs and it will all be free, except the OS will be $50. And there will also be a lot of compatability and stability.
    But then again, maybe I am just dreaming...

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     Let me know if you want a GMail account, I've got a few left.

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    I hope someone important at Microsoft is reading this! And I'm sure this is what's going on everywhere right now, not just the Channel 9 forums.

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    I'm generally a Microsoft apologist, but this news made me livid.  How dare they take away my Outlook access to Hotmail!  That feature was traditionally why I used Outlook in the first place - I could use it to read my Hotmail account alongside my POP3 accounts.  If they begin charging for that feature, I'm out.  I won't be able to cancel my Hotmail account, as I still use it for MSN instant messaging, but I'll stop using it for email communication.

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    If that GMail offer is still up for grabs please send me one. Thank you.

    I decided not to cancel passport becasue one of my best friends uses MSN for chat, she lives in Cali.  I used to frequent the MSN chatrooms a lot until they started charging for it.

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