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Juval Lowy - The Smart Client Revolution and the Road to Longhorn

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    Juval Lowy responds to Robert Scoble's thoughts on the road to Longhorn.

    "Yet, there is an additional, important argument that should be made in favor of adopting Windows Forms today. In three words that would be the smart client revolution.

    Smart clients are much more that just a rich Windows user interface. I define a smart client application as a rich user interface application that resides on the client in a secure manner, connected to a back-end server, and is deployed over http."


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    Why use HTTP?  It's a limited protocol that has an elaborate mess of hacks built around it to make up for its statelessness.  Of course, if you used a custom protocol, that would essentially be describing a client-server system... and that's just so '80s.

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    Alex Keizer

    HTTP is being used to 'publish' the bits that PC needs to execute the application locally. Some of the features like checking for new versions of files actually seem to be a natural fit with HTTP.

    It also has the least problems with regards to firewalls and other stuff.


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