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Another Office pack

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    Did you try What do you think about it?


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    On Windows, it's slow, and consumes more than three times as much memory as Office does.  There's very little in the way of deployment capabilities that don't involve a large amount of "roll your own", which should not be necessary with the tools Windows provides us with these days.

    There's no equivalent to Access, Publisher, OneNote, Project, Outlook, and InfoPath.

    It's even worse on the OS X platform... utterly disgraceful.

    In short:  You get what you pay for.

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    Jeremy W

    Agree with Warren. It's unintuitive, just familiar enough to make you smack your head wondering how to do simple stuff and is simply immature.

    The OO team is great, but this product has a long way to go before I'll use it for anything but home use.

    And I do use it at home, extensively. In fact, in Uni it was all I could afford Smiley

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    Its all about the GUI for me.  I'm comfortable with Office and just don't want to have to look for stuff anymore.

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    I use OpenOffice for just one thing: it's a quick (and free) way to create a PDF from a Word document.

    And it looks like PDF is here to stay, and Microsoft isn't going to try to "fight" it.  At one time, Microsoft Reader ( looked like it might compete, but the Word plug-in ( hasn't even been updated to Office 2003.

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    What about the Office Document Imaging app that creates MDI files? I swear you can print a 1 meg Word doc to it and it comes out less than half that! That's better than PDf and smaller than Zipped. It maintains all formatting as well.

    It's easy to import TIFF (fax) files as well and works hand-in-hand with Outlook 2003 and online fax services.

    I think it's definitely better than PDF but there's no editing functionality (which I don't need anyway).


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