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Technocrati for sale on eBay????

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    Is this a joke?

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    Robert Hess

    Read it a little more carefully :->

    The domain that is up for sell is "" and NOT "", the auction itself indicates that the domain for sell:

    "...resembles the popular blog search tool, Technorati. It receives hundreds of hits a day and is referenced over 18,000 times on Google"


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    You might get sued by Technorati, Inc if you owned that domain.

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    LOL, can anyone tell that spelling isn't my strongpoint?

    My foot is in my mouth so often, you'd think there was a growth there.

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    That's nothing (spelling issue). Once I was doing some search engine placement work for a company I worked at and managed to pull a number one result (yeah... first in the list). The next time I was in my manager's office, I told him about it. He didn't believe me and asked for me to show him, so I went around his desk, pulled up the certain search engine and searched for the primary words plus the target city... you can imagine the many shades of red I became when he pointed out that I had misspelled Phoenix! Never did live that one down over at that place... good thing I was doing that in my spare time and it wasn't my primary function there Smiley

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