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WMP11 Won't let you backup/restore DRM licenses?!?

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    It's not like I was planning on ever "buying" DRM'd media anyways. I'm a reasonably happy user of Rhapsody's streaming music service (though their "PlaysForSure" implementation is damn near unusable). I use WMP for everything else.

    But now it seems you can't protect yourself from the one thing that would worry me the most about purchasing DRM licenses without relying on the company that sold you the license to remain in business:

    Backing up and restoring licenses

    Windows Media Player 11 does not permit you to back up your media usage rights (previously known as licenses). However, depending upon where your protected files came from, you might be able to restore your rights over the Internet.

    I guess I'll stick to buying and ripping unprotected CD's of the music I like (often after sampling/finding it on Rhapsody).

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    That's one reason why I only buy subscription music from the interent.  If I want to actually own a song, I'll get the CD.

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    Aren't these backup and other issues just "Known Issues" with the current public beta build of Media Player. I saw a bunch of people freaking out over on, but I don't see the big deal. Basically these things are broken in Beta 2 and Microsoft let everyone know about it in this Reame.txt type of page.

    I'm sure they will address them before the player goes to RTM.

    - Shahn

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