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    fdisk wrote:
    But according to Chris' post above, he didn't see a reason to read all the rules. Maybe Scooby was too busy reading his e-mail to bother, too...

    I guess I thought being a "judge" meant you were supposed to know the rules. I mean, with NFL football they throw things at the refs if they don't know the rules...

    TIME OUT!!!

    I didn't get paid for my time. I'm not employed by Microsoft, nor am I responsible for who was selected as the winner. I didn't make up the rules, I didn't start the contest, and I wasn't the ultimate decision maker.

    If Microsoft set up the rules, then Microsoft should have been ultimately responsible for not awarding the guy / team based on those very rules. Why am *I* getting accused of something that I simply did *NOT* do!? They asked me to help, and that's what I did - in whatever time I had for it.

    Y'all need to refocus your lynch mob - or start drinking decaf. Wink