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Kerry / Bush Debate

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    I watched the whole debate. It was a slam dunk for Kerry - who was calm, cool and well spoken. Bush on the other hand appeared flustered, stammered, defensive, repeated himself, answered questions with wrong answers ( re; sadam/bin laden )

    So my point? I was extatic to see kerry - who until now seemed rather boring ( as john stewart daily show imitates him) being so "presidential" - and was excited to see Kerry get some good press the next day.

    Did this happen?  NO!

    All major US papers called the debate a DRAW! -even though every poll on all major websites asked "Who won the debate?" and the numbers were either 70 kerry / 20 bush - to as high as 90 kerry 7 bush.

    It is a sad day when all media is controled by 4-5 republican leaning companies

    Kerry deserved the headline: Kerry Trounces Bush in First Debate"

    *sorry for political thread - just furious at US media

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    Actually, I think the media is being remarkably unbiased for a change - they seem to be pointing out the flaws and strengths of BOTH candidates rather than sucking one or the other (which has been a trend since Kennedy/Nixon).  In fact, I'm a little proud that it was such a serious debate, without tag lines or buzzwords being the main objective.

    But why start a political conversation here?  I recommend taking the "fight" to a site like LittleGreenFootballs - they have a strong political following/forum and are passionate about their opinions, which you seem to be as well.

    JM2C, of course.

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    John Kerry kicked Bushes butt!

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    It isnt interesting what hard crowded republicans or democrats says, but how the debate influence the undecided voters...

    If I were republican, I would be worried, because Mr Kerry did an impressing show, all considered he is almost unknown to amaricans at large..

    But he didnt get the knockout... 

    It could have been found among the following arguments....

    The US government has recently liftet the ban for selling military automatic assault rifles,while they keep track of wich books you borrow at the local library.
    30 000 people are killed in the US each year...

    Do you feel safe?

    There are 35 million poor persons in America including 14 million children.

    Dont you care??

    Both Iran and North Korea has nuclear capabilities...It happened on Mr Bushs watch...

    Do you feel safe?

    Florida has been hit by a record high number of violent storms. Sientistc agree that human polution distrupts the climate..

    Mr Bush dont want to sign the Kyoto treety, in wich many countries, among them Russia, will reduce their pollution.

    Is this the future your kids will grow up in??

    At the current rate with Mr Bushs administration, it will take 13 years to dismantle all the nuclear material in the old USSR.

    And you dont loose your sleep at nights??

    The war on Iraq cost the US


    Is that money well spent?

    That amount could do the following:

    paid for 18,266,802 children to attend a year of Head Start


    insured 82,583,508 children for one year

    hired 2,390,076 additional public school teachers for one year.


    have fully funded global anti-hunger efforts for

    5 years


    fully funded world-wide AIDS programs for
    13 years.


    have ensured that every child in the world was given basic immunizations for 45 years

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    Couldnt resist:

    From Debate:

    "You cannot lead if you send mixed mexages." Bush

    You know, it's hard work to try to love her as best as I can,.." Bush  ( huh? )


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    Jeremy W

    I actually thought the debate was fairly even. I hope Kerry's elected, but I'm not American so it doesnt' matter.

    Kerry didn't answer several questions, sounded weak several times and was a bit below the belt a few as well.

    Bush was completely lost on several occasions (5-10 seconds of silence), looked defensive and had a propensity to just jump on anything Kerry said.

    Neither were particularly strong. I got sick of Bush's insinuating that Kerry was a flip flopper. After 5 minutes I started taking count. I stopped taking count after it past 30 times. Disgusting. A President should be able to do better.

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    It was no contest, IMO.  Bush came so close to popping a cap that I was hoping Kerry would push Bush's buttons harder.

    But Kerry is so much more intellectually superior compared to Bush that I amost feel sorry for Bush.  It's like a little kid trying to debate an adult.

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    FWIW:  I might add that with the NASDAQ currently up about 42 points (that is about equivalent to over 200 DOW points), the market is indicating that it thinks Kerry "won" the debate.

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    Doonesbury from 1971



    Plus ca change...

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    It's really great to see that such a contentious subject is not spinning out of control in flames. Thank you for being responsible Channel 9 netizens! Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to watch the debates so I can't add any useful commentary to this thread. Sounds like it was an interesting affair.

    Keep on posting!


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    a quick follow up on " the mixed messages".

    Both Mr Kerry and Mr Bush believed the inteligence reports, indicating iraq had weapons of biological, camical and/or nuclear destruction capabilities.

    Based on the knowlege they have today, not having found any such weapons, Kerry admits it was a wrong desicion.
    But he agree, that when US first had attaced, they had to get the job done before pulling the troups out.

    Mr Bush shifted his focus from bcn weapons, now saying Saddam Hussain is working with Al-Quida.

    Neighter such wepons or any link to Al-Quida are found.
    But Mr Bush still thinks he did the right decision ivading iraq. Instead attacking Mr Kerry for "sending mixed messages"

    Mr Bush said in the debate, that even knowing what he knows today...he would have gone to war..

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    I thought that in the first half hour of the debate, Bush was clearly doing better, but for the remainder, Kerry was. In the beginning, Kerry's answers were confused and vague, and while Bush was making points like saying 70% of Al Qaeda leaders were found, and talking about how Kerry wouldn't be able to get ally support himself, all Kerry was saying was that having more summits is the solution to everything. Summits will solve every problem! Bush then went to talk about how there were conferences and more planned in the future. Kerry also made many statements about how he would do better without saying what he would do (except have more summits, I guess).

    If the debate was only 30 minutes long, Bush would have won, it was after that that he started to falter and repeat the same talking points, and repeat them at bad moments--as if he was desperate or ran out of material. Many of Bush's comments, like that Kerry was inconsistent, had really nothing to do with what had been going on in the debate. I think that people tend to see Kerry as winning because the rest of the debate made people forget about the first part.

    As for them having substance---in the beginning it really looked as if both of them instead of directly answering questions and participating in a parlay substituted their response time with their standard stump speech rhetoric. Both of them looked like they were not addressing questions but trying to get out sound bite rhetoric. This changed as the debate went on when they were forced by the format of the questions. But I still think most of the debate was just repeating things we've heard over the last few months. (a comment that Nader has also made)

    Then there was one point in the debate where both Bush and Kerry made major mistakes in talking about sanctions policy with Iran, making both of them seem foolish. But you aren't hearing this being talked about, because it doesn't score points for either candidate over the other.

    Moments like these made it clear to me that both were not the best statesmen--though as I said I think Bush debated more capably in the first part, and Kerry during the rest. I think the reason Kerry did better overall is not because Kerry was so brilliant, but because Bush was faltering.

    I don't like either Kerry or Bush, and I think this showed some of their flaws (though some flaws were covered up--I think you can really make the point that Kerry is phony and politicky in formulating his views, but this wasn't done). I hope the analysis I just made above is seen as fair , though.

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     Bush arrived with thirty minutes of prepared “talking points” for a ninety minute “debate”. Bush’s mouth was BLUE, not one ward about that in the “press” today.


    Bush repeated over and over “its hard work”, yet people do everything for him. He doesn’t even decided which tie to ware, he had new stump speech today; we know what he was doing last night, so he could not have been writing that speech!


    Here is a Bush quote from last night;


    You know, it's hard work to try to love her as best as I can, knowing full well that the decision I made caused her loved one to be in harm's way.    

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    I hate to say this but you really come off as a Kerry fanboy.

    I watched CNN today and they also confirmed it was a "tie" as Bush seemed more "believable" on his issues. They also said a tie helps the Bush side more than the Kerry Said.

    I myself was undecided until I seen the debates and now I'm voting for Bush. If Kerry does win I feel he will only hold true to a smal amount of his promises as he seemes to be a major "Flip Flopper".

    Go Bush Go!!!!!

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    pro_dotnet, I don't think the link works. Because when I click on it, the page comes up with a page, that I think is an error page because after five seconds it transfers me to the index page.
    Also there is a link on the error page that takes you to the hjelp section of the site. I am guessing this is the help section of the site Wink

    Not being an American so I can't decide but I hope that Kerry gets in to be the president. Even though when Kerry smiles his face becomes squashed up pizza dough.
    Anyone got some links to a picture of him smiling?

    Oh yes, Go Kerry Go!!!!!

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    Jeremy W

    miamijjs wrote:
    I watched CNN today and they also confirmed it was a "tie".

    Yeah. Right.

    miamijjs wrote:
    If Kerry does win I feel he will only hold true to a smal amount of his promises as he seemes to be a major "Flip Flopper".

    Funny that Bush insinuated this 57 times during the debate.

    Got under my skin after a while...

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    phunky_avocado wrote:

    But Kerry is so much more intellectually superior compared to Bush that I amost feel sorry for Bush.  It's like a little kid trying to debate an adult.

    You know, I agree with that, yet I think I would rather have W in the White House than Kerry. I remember that morning on 9/11. After about an hour one of the thoughts that went through my mind was that we had a weak president to confront this attack. And that really, really scared me. His initial reactions reinforced this, until a few days later. I do not think Bush is an intellectual, I do think he has resolve and commitment.

    Perhaps our presence in Iraq has nothing to do with WMD or removing Sadaam, perhaps it is a strategic decision to do what we neeeded to do to confront Al-Queda and terrorists in the Arab world. Make no mistake, Afghanistan was only the last local host for these people, they came from Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Now we have surrounded ourselves with the forces of Saudi, Iran, and Syria. We have placed ourselves in the middle of them for them to attack. As a certain commander in WWII said, "We are Airborne... we are supposed to be surrounded".  And we all know what happened at Bastogne.

    EDIT: Mullahs throughout Saudi and Syria and other Arab countries call on young fanatics to go to Iraq to fight the evil Americans, and they do... but notice that we do not report too much of their presence... what happens? Do they disappear in the desert? Yes, they do... Silent Death.  Silent graves.

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    You can watch it from the norwegian broadcasting for free.All you have to do is create a username and password. Since its in norwegian, use

    username: Channel9
    password: debate

    1. Browse to

    2. click link called;  "klikk her for å apne nrk nett-tv"

    3. The player are loading and a login page appears.
    You have to text boxes, brukernavn and passord.
    Brukernavn is the norwegian word for username, and passord, is password.

    Use the provided username ("Channel9") and password ("debate") accordingly.

    without "" ofcourse....

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