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Data/disk selfdestroying itself?

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    Tom Servo

    What are the chances that data just randomly starts getting faulty without ever being written again to, after having been stored once? I'm just wondering, because I'm listening to glitches in MP3 files (non-Vista related glitches) that I could have sworn were fine in the past.

    The problem however is that I can't be sure what's factoring into it. Either the disks are slowly amassing errors (unlikely, because Windows doesn't have any issues reading the files), or it might just have happened during the time I still owned that mainboard with that VIA chipset, that didn't play well with the EMU10Kx cards (caused the chipset to create errors in data transfers).

    Sadly, there doesn't seem a way to track the integrity of files, short of maybe a RAID-5 (that is if various RAID soft-/hardware actually allows data verification short of losing an actual drive). Maybe I just install Visual Studio and start coding some tool that maintains checksums of all files on disk.

    Does anyone else have experience with files exploding into their face at random?

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    Tom Servo

    Well, that didn't take long, the whole MFT of the drive exploded.

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    Ion Todirel

    nice Cool

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    Tom Servo

    Hmm, it's back again.

    I had checked the event logs for a change, it listed tons of controller errors. So I changed the IDE cable (round one, quite old and did some bends) with a fresh one that came with my mobo. Right now, it doesn't seem that there are problems... yet.

    I hope this fixed the issue.

    Still am I pissed off a bit, because I moved about 75 gigabytes of data, mostly video files though, off that disk onto a SATA one. If I had already so many issue listening to music, I'm sure it the copy process left its marks on the files. Sad

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