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    * yes i post bugs I find here on c9 - for community review - with screenshots - where people I know and respect can comment on them.  We'll have to agree to disagree on what the best method of submitting bugs is.  I prefer a graphical conversation in a browser - using C9 as a front end.  Just cant get into outlook express style newsgroups - and i also think c9 should be the frontend to all developer interaction - so i use it as such to promote that idea - one that unfortunately for some - is viewed as incorrect.

    I intentionally post anything to do with ms
    *yes per thread polling is missing - but hey ive gone on about that too

    (one site to rule them all - and all that! Wink)

    PS - if new c9 site has tags for "bug" or "issue" along with product tags - i would use them.