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Is there good scope for Lotus Notes?

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    Is there good scope for the Lotus Notes developers?

    Actually for what kind of application Lotus Notes is used?

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    Was there a need to post this in more than one forum?

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    According to IBM, Lotus Notes is a 'sleeping giant'.

    Lotus Notes does have plenty going for it.

    • Over 100 millions users worldwide.
    • A powerful language
    • Not half bad database
    • Can build web services
    • Has a workflow engine
    • Lots of loyal programmers.

    IBM have in recent year let Notes drift along but this is all going to change as IBM has decided to breath new life into Notes and the Lotus brand and all this is backed by a significant investment.

    The UI is going to change 'apparently' because that the first thing that people pick on. But the other major changes are the addition of Ajax built fully featured word processor and spreadsheet.

    Other changes are they you won't have to use Domino as a database any more but can use DB2 on any supported platform instead.

    The new system will be fully SCA and SDO compliant and so will be able to play a full part in the SOA world.

    So the future looks bright for Lotus and Notes.

    The thing is this is all still 18 months away ... and a lot can happen in that time frame. One of those things is Windows Live.

    ... and don't forget Google.

    So to answer your question, yes but it's a gamble, but with the backing of I.T. largest company it may be a safe bet. Wait for more information (and not hype) to come out on the future of Lotus before betting your future.

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    I do quite a bit of Notes dev for our collaboration. The best thing about Domino is the replication.

    The future is Groove Networks. This was Ray Ozzies company before it was bought by MS. Ray was the brains behind Notes.

    Groove is Lotus replication on steroids.

    Currently I am working a WSS3.0 tech demo in order to migrate away from Notes at some point. 

    Our Notes colab app connects about 10,000 people all over the world. My office alone has about 3000 folks in it and climbing. We don't use Notes for mail only for an application server.

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