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View Thread: Gates: Microsoft to offer anti-spyware
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    Okay.  Some some "entrepreneur" decides to plaster my computer with advertising that his clients pay to put on the Internet.  Since when is the Internet supposed to be an advertising medium -- especially a PUSH advertising medium -- where the user is exposed to advertising without asking for it?  If the entrepreneur's business model depends on an exploit of weaknesses in Microsoft Windows, and Microsoft decides to fortify Windows to eliminate the weaknesses, how is the entrepreneur going to counter Microsoft's action?  In the courts?  I think not.  The entrepreneur has been able to sell advertising because of the weaknesses.  But there is no guarantee those weaknesses will persist.  They are not operating system features.  They are inadvertencies and oversights.  Should the entrepreneur's business model break down because Microsoft fixes their software, then he can seek to make money some other way.  He didn't contract with Microsoft, as far as I know, to open the world's computers to him for fun and profit.  As for selling software with "ad support," go  another route to sell it -- eBay for example.   Furthermore, this Adware/Spyware crap is software from an unknown source performing undefined actions on my computer for the benefit of another.  The individual responsible for this unconscionable behavior should be sued for stealing resources from my property without my written permission, whoever and wherever they may be.