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SQL Server 2005 setup does not show Server Components for selection

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    I am trying to install SQL Server 2005 enterprise edition on Windows Server 2003 R2 on VMWare. When I ran SQL Server 2005 setup it installed all the prerequisites and passed System Configuration Check. When I click Next button, I do not see any Key information on the registration Information screen and and also when I click on the next button it shows me directly feature selection screen instead of the component to Install screen.

    And the feature selection screen contains only client components not any server components.

    More info....
    I observe one thing that the key.txt file is missing from my setup files.
    I executed default.htm directly, at the top left corner of the screen it shows SQL Server 2005(Disc 2 of 2) and under Install section it shows me following two options for the selection
     Tools, Books Online, and samples only
     Run the SQL Native Client Installation Wizard

    I am not sure why it is not showing me the server components. Please help me in solving this problem.

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