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small rant - arrange by type

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    from: yet another one of the ways i navigate in cross hairs of mac  UI patrol dept:

    It seems i have had to add "sort by TYPE" for the 15th time when trying to organize files just now.

    ME>  sort by....   date taken...size..tags...rating - but no TYPE.
    in a folder with nothing but psds and know...that you just might want to see arranged by type!

    click more - scroll to BOTTOM of long long list... add in type.. .again

    * you want to add teenager ratings fine - but dont remove type to do it.

    ..i dont know why it seems everything i like about windows - someones decided is the wrong way to do things..

    but im so tired of it .. ill just end this here.

    Edit - i lied.   * if i could just put the whole xp UI on vistas faster plumbing - and have nothing but the aero fade in windows - i would DO IT IN A SECOND


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    Sven Groot

    Right click anywhere in the folder window, properties. Open the customize tab. Choose the All Items template (it's probably on pictures now), also apply to subfolders, hit OK. You can do that to your entire user folder tree if you like.

    Note that "Apply to all folders" in folder options applies your settings to all folders using the same template. Not to all folders.

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    Sven Groot

    There was a very good post in the newsgroups a few days back from an softie explaining the why and how of the folder settings in Vista. Since you don't read the newsgroups, I'm reposting it here

    Paul A. Gusmorino 3rd [MS] wrote:
    Hello.  My name is Paul Gusmorino and I'm the program manager on the shell
    team responsible for a lot of our Explorer UI, including views.

    I see some of you have questions about our changes to “Apply to Folders”.  I’d
    like to explain what’s changed exactly and why we changed it, and also
    provide some background on how view settings are persisted in Explorer

    Vista remembers your view settings per folder, just like Windows XP did.
    This includes the listview mode, visible columns, sort order, grouping, etc.
    This gives users the flexibility to have each folder look the way they want.

    For example, if you go to %userprofile%\documents and change the view
    settings there, then the next time you go back to %userprofile%\documents it
    will continue to look as you last left it.  Changing the view settings in
    %userprofile%\documents, however, won’t change the view settings of other
    folders such as %userprofile%\documents\foo or %userprofile%\pictures.

    If you wish to customize the settings of many folders at once, then you can
    use the “Apply to Folders” button under Folder Options.  Clicking this
    button will give all folders of the *same type as the current folder* the
    same view settings as the current one has.

    For example, if you go to %userprofile%\documents and change the view
    settings and press the Apply to Folders button, then
    %userprofile%\documents\foo and all your other documents folders (typically
    all the folders under your documents folder plus any other folders Explorer
    “sniffed” as documents folders) will now have that same view state as well.
    However, this won’t change the view state for %userprofile%\pictures or your
    other non-documents folders.

    This is slightly different than how it worked in XP: it’s a bit more
    flexible for users and we believe ultimately better.  In XP there was an
    “Apply to All Folders” button that changed the view state for all folders
    across the entire system.  We’ve gotten feedback that this was incredibly
    frustrating for people who like to have different view settings for their
    documents vs. pictures vs. music vs. contacts etc.  For example, many people
    like to see their documents in Details view but their pictures in Large
    Icons view.  The only way to do it was for people to go to each and every
    folder to change the view settings manually in each one: understandably very
    tedious and irksome!  In Vista, the button will apply only to other folders
    of the same type, so changing your documents won’t stomp over the view
    settings for your pictures folders.  (The reason the buttons are disabled in
    Computer, incidentally, is that there are no other folders of the same type
    as Computer, so the option just doesn’t apply there.)

    If one truly wants to have all one’s folders across the entire system have
    exactly the same view settings, then there are a few ways to do it.  One way
    is just customize each of the four folder types you want to make the same so
    that they are all the same, and then you’re done!  This basically means
    customizing the documents, pictures, music, and contacts folders with Apply
    to Folders once each.

    If one doesn’t care for templates at all -- which appears to be the attitude
    of some posters on this thread -- and one simply wants all one’s folders to
    look “generic” one can go to the root folder for their storage (e.g.
    %userprofile%) and choose “Customize This Folder” and choose “All Items” as
    the template and check the “Also apply this template to all subfolders”.
    Doing this will make that folder and all child folders of it have the same
    exact view as that current folder.  So in this way you can quickly make all
    your folders have List Mode, for example, if that’s your preference!  (Note:
    This doesn't always work right in RC1 but we have fixed it for RTM.)

    Early reports suggest that a few people get confused by this change in how
    the Apply to Folders button works at first, but we believe most people
    figure out how to accomplish the task they care about easily enough,
    especially once word of mouth, etc. starts happening.  The benefits of the
    new model outweigh the con of users having to learn the slightly new way it

    I agree it would be nice to have even better UI for managing these templates
    and setting them (e.g. adding an apply to *all* folders button, letting
    people define new templates, letting people remove templates, etc.) and I
    hope that’s something we have time to consider in Vista+1.  I would be very
    curious to hear how this works for you given the explanation I provided, and
    if there are scenarios that are still broken or overly tedious for you.  I'd
    also be curious to hear specifics about exactly how you all are customizing
    your folders today: what view modes you use where, where you want the same
    views or don't and why, etc.



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    yes i know that dialouge box... i just get disappointed and disgusted that the entire file tree is being slowly exterminated from windows

    *seems everytime i have to stop and ask myself "where is this now - or how do i turn this back on" it is all to do with List/type/alphabet down, tree, up , = all the things i use to get around.

    i   i like WINDOWS

    edit: re- one above:    i am forever making new folders and filling them with new things.  to have setting proper id need to set it system wide - all folders  - which means id lose certain features that actually do flyout correct choices 

    edit 2 - please add modified as well

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