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IE7: searching feeds

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    Is it possible to search downloaded feeds in IE7? I saw something in one of mine yesterday and now I can't remember which one it was and I can't see an easy way of finding it.

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    Y'know, if the answer to this is "Windows Desktop Search", then that might be the one reason I would install a desktop search tool.

    The ability to search within feed items in the Common Feed Store would be awesome.

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    Unfortunately, WDS does not search RSS feeds natively.


    I don't know how IE7 stores the feeds internally, but if they're XML files, you can add that folder to WDS and it will happily crawl it. That said, the XML IFilter cannot guess what type of file it's reading, so it would just return the XML content.

    Once we have the WDS SDK out, you will be able to use it to write an IFilter that finds the RSS store, extracts the data from it and populate the index with the correct properties.

    Uhm... this may not be a completely useless idea... Smiley

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    I was actually looking for the same functionality today too. It's starnge that WDS could index Onfolio feeds but not IE7 feeds.

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