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Ex is pregnant

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    Im happy for her, I truly am. But in a way I cant help but feel pissed off. She just told me today that she is pregnant and that she will be moving to Florida at the end of the year with her new husband. I know she has moved on with her life and she is living it out. I guess I was always expecting her to come back. This is a wake up call for the horrible truth that after all those years, time spent together, tears, sacrifice and heartache that its not ever going to happen. Dont worry Im not going to go out find some chick just to impregnate her like this is some kind of competition. While I should be excited for her Im not,  there is a difference between being excited for someone and being happy for someone, for this is the final blow, I lost. I am relieved in a way because this also is the final chain that held me back and this is the sign I need to move on and just know we are finally through.  She is someone elses mother and someone elses wife.

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    Moving on can be tough, especially when you have shared so much with that particular individual. I'm glad you have found something to motivate you to move on.

    There are heaps of women out there, you just gotta allow yourself to be found Smiley

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