W3bbo wrote:

Rossj wrote:I noted in another thread how funny it was that everyone's killer feature was different in terms of both the actual functionality and the scale of the feature.  So for me, although maybe killer might be over-egging it a little, RDC is going to be a *very* important feature for me in Longhorn Server (and apparently 2003r2) at least for this contract (after which I prob won't be using Windows anyway).

What's your killer feature, either present, or not,  in Vista or Longhorn server. WinFS is no longer a valid answer

Well I take "killer feature" to be the feature that kills my desire for the product, and you all know what that one is

I am guessing it is the three letter acronym that is not of great benefit to consumers, but which some companies (trying to protect their old business model) insist on. Or the other one that has a code name that is the same as a chemical element (46th in the periodic table) that would give great power to those taking part in the initiative?