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A hilarious expirience with AppleCare

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    Deactivated User

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    To be completely honest. I spent alot of time today trying to get my microphone levels to work properly. Only because my sound-card shipped with another application built in which fights with windows over who gets to run the specs on my mic. If only I had a skateboard, I wouldn't have this problem Tongue Out


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    Jason Cox

    Heh, now I gotta link this story!

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    I've been having numerous difficulties with my Nano since Apples updated iTunes, and I've been to the "Genius" bar on several occasions, and I find the title misapplied.

    When I mention that I have a PC, they throw up their hands and seem to have an "all bets are off" philosophy. They also have no answers when I point out that everything worked fine before THEY updated iTunes. That usually results in a blank stare, babbeling and in one case an ill-advised attempts to get me to buy a Mac Mini.

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