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AJAX and advertising

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    Back in March at the MIX06 conference this topic came up in a discussion panel.  The problem was acknowledged and talked about, but nobody had really tackled the problem yet.

    I'm working on a web property I had an idea for and will start full fledged development soon.  But this issue is staring me in the face.  The problem is that my web property is likely to scale over time (i.e. bandwidth/operating costs will start to go up,up,up), and it really will need to be entirely advertising supported at least initially.  But on the other hand there are certain user experiences that I can only deliver using AJAX technology.  And I would of course like to maximize the revenue I can generate from the property.  At some point in the future I will probably be able to introduce a fee-based subscription model for certain functionality, but this would capture only a small fraction of the users.

    Has anyone tackled this problem yet?

    I think my approach will be to include the AJAX in certain features but integrate it into a traditional page based model.  If a user spends a lot of time using a particular AJAX driven feature, I will just have to accept the missed opportunity to show more ads.  The problem is the AJAX driven features are likely to be the most popular and compelling reason to use the site.

    Not that I am a big fan of advertising, but it is a necessary evil.

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    Could you not have the ads delivered through AJAX as well?

    • Ads update automatically on a timer
    • Ads occassionally interupt the experience and intercept content, shown instead of content for a brief time

    The way I see it AJAX is likely to make advertising more seamless and dynamic rather than preventing it.

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    I guess the concern/question I have is if any of the existing ad platforms like Google AdSense will get broken with AJAX, or if there is already an AJAX solution.

    As for interstitial ads...I'm on the fence on that one.  Personally I find them extremely annoying, so I'm hesitant to put them on one of my sites Wink 

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